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Patient Information
Patient Information

Practice Resources
Radiology, Inc. provides radiology services at many locations in the Michiana area.

The links below provide more information about the services we provide:

Radiology, Inc. - CTCT
Radiology, Inc. - MammographyMammography
Radiology, Inc. - UltrasoundUltrasound
Radiology, Inc. - Bone Density TestingBone Density Testing
Radiology, Inc. - IVPsIVPs
Radiology, Inc. - Gastrointestinal StudiesGastrointestinal Studies
Radiology, Inc. - MRI-Open and ConventionalMRI - Open and Conventional
Radiology, Inc. - Nuclear MedicineNuclear Medicine
Radiology, Inc. - Pet CTPet CT

How can I get a referral for Radiology, Inc. services?

In general, we prefer seeing you as a referral directly by your personal physician. However, patients can self-refer for the diagnostic studies of screening mammography, bone densitometry, as well as coronary artery calcium scoring.

If you believe you are a candidate for one of the many services offered by our Interventional Radiologists, you can contact a radiology nurse at Elkhart General Hospital by calling 574-523-7845. Interventional Radiology consultations at IU Health Goshen Hospital can be obtained by calling a radiology nurse at 574-364-2876.

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