Radiology, Inc. has more subspecialty-trained radiologists than any other group in the Michigan area. - Billing
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Congratulations to Dr. Allison Lamont of Radiology, Inc for being a Doc Who Rocks!


Patient Information
Patient Information

Radiology, Inc. has been proudly providing service at various locations in the Michiana area since 1904. For over 100 years, we have built a reputation on providing cutting edge service and technology.

We extend our emphasis on quality to all areas of your encounter with Radiology, Inc., including the billing process. To ensure the highest quality and most timely level of service for our patients, Radiology, Inc. files all primary and secondary insurance claims on a daily basis. For the quickest possible turnaround time, we utilize electronic technology to file the majority of your insurance claims. This technology also allows us to receive some of our payments electronically.

Radiology Inc. is a participating provider with the following networks:

We appreciate your choosing us to be your radiology provider and look forward to providing you with quality service.
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